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330W Gaming Laptop Charger

330W Gaming Laptop Charger

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This is open power version.

Power hungry gaming laptops need feeding. And now there’s a new style 330W charger that’s  smaller, lighter, and faster than any similar gaming laptop charger.If you want to keep your laptop powered-up, but don’t want to carry around a bulky, brick-like charger, the SlimQ F330 GaN-based charger is the winner for you.

Smaller, lighter and just nicer!

The SlimQ F330 is up to 50% smaller and lighter than other laptop chargers in the same power category.
Here’show it measures up: 3.54 x 1.26 x 4.96 in. (WxHxL)/90 x 32 x 126.2 mm.With only 19.7 oz. / 560g in weight, it's much easier to bring it along to wherever you go.

Three ports for 3 devices at once

It has 3 output charging ports, 1 DC port with a maximum power of 330W, and 2 Type-C ports with a maximum power of 100W each. The Type-C ports support PD3.0 that can fast charging most smartphones.

Fast charging protocols

The two Type-C ports support PD3.0, PPS, QC4+, SCP, VOOC, AFC, FCP etc fast charging protocols.

High Tech

It employs the new generation of GaN chips from GaNext which is a global technology leader and GaN component provider. It is also designed with the most efficient architecture and the advanced bridgeless topology, so it reaches the industry highest efficiency of 96.7% (220V) and 95.5% (110V).

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