Macbook Case Description

✤ Any Name/Text Personalized is Free ✤ 

Create meaningful and memorable personalized cases with your photos, for the couple, baby, and pets! This Hard plastic, slim, easy cases will protect your device from bumps and scratches.

✤ Top Features of my cases:

➤ Clear/Transparent, Hard plastic cover, and Ultra-slim, lightweight.
➤ Easy access to all ports and functions.
➤ foam feet and vents on the bottom.
➤ Fit Retina and non-Retina Macbook Pro models, Touch Bar and non TB models.
➤ Each case is made to order and can be Personalized.

✤ Optional

➤ The "With Logo" option is mean that the artwork is printed on the case with cut-out Apple logo area so that the MacBooks Apple logo is visible.
The option "No Logo" is full print.
➤ The"Colour" option is mean that the bottom shell color, which is the Clear by default. But you can also choose a WHITE matte or a BLACK bottom shell (Please note if you need it).

✤ Available models

MacBook Air 13.6" - (2022~2024) A2681(M2)/A3113(M3)
Macbook Pro 13"" - (2016~2019) A1706/A1708/A1989/A2159
MacBook Pro 13"" - (2020) A2251/A2289/A2338"
MacBook 13.3" - (2018~2020) A1932/A2179/A2337
MacBook Pro 14.2" - (2021/2023) A2442/A2779/A2992/A2918
MacBook Pro 16.2" - (2021/2023) A2485/A2780/A2991
MacBook Pro 16" - (2019) A2141
MacBook 11.6" - (2020/2012) A1370/A1465
MacBook 12" - (2015) A1534
MacBook Pro 15.4" - (2016~2020) A1707/A1990
MacBook Air 13.3" - (2012~2017) A1466/A1369
MacBook Pro 13.3" - (2009~2012) A1278
MacBook Pro 15.4" - (2009-2012 A1286
MacBook Pro Retina 13.3" -  (2012~2016 A1425/A1502
Macbook Pro Retina 15" -  (2012-2015 A1398
MacBook Air 15.3" - (2023/2024) A2941(M2)/A3114(M3)

    ✤ NOTES 

     This is a "made-to-order" product. After payment, it will take approximately 5 business days to create and ship this item.
     Please note that Marble/Stone/ Wood/Fabric/Leather are not real, are PRINT.
     Of course, we trying to produce the same color that you see on your monitor, but sometimes actual color tones vary slightly from monitor to monitor.
     Maybe a slight shift of the image due to the device having a different size.
     If you incorrectly specified a model, a print version, a monogram, etc. Within 24 hours you have the opportunity to change it. After this period, We will no longer be responsible for the changes.


    Depending on your location shipping can take from 2 ~ 3 weeks.
    Postal service can deliver your order later due to circumstances beyond my control, so please wait 1-2 weeks above the deadlines if the parcel is delayed 

    Materials: Love and Care, Eco inks, Hard Plastic.