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330W DC to Lenovo Converter Pack

330W DC to Lenovo Converter Pack

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Lenovo square port (Φ11x4.5mm) converters, a set of 3, support 330W/280W/230W/200W/150W respectively.


  • Input: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Output: 20V⎓16.5A Max(330W)
  • Specification: DC to DC, Female 5.5mm x 2.5mm conversion and connection of DC connectors( Φ11x4.5mm).
  • Compatible with Genuine 330W/280W/230W/200W/150W charger
  • Package includes - 3 x power connector
  • Connector Size: Φ11x4.5mm
  • Suitable Laptop Brand: Lenovo
  • Advantage: High power output, quick connection and disconnection, and disconnection.Works well with SlimQ 330W.

Suitable for

330W Compatible with Legion 5 15", Legion 5 Pro, Legion 5 17", Legion 7 16".

280W Compatibility With: For HP ZBook Fury G9 Mobile Workstation PC, HP ZBook Fury 15.6 Inch G8 Mobile Workstation PC, HP ZBook Studio 16” G9 Mobile Workstation PC, HP ZBook Studio 15.6 inch G8 Mobile Workstation PC, OMEN by HP Laptop 16t-k000, OMEN by HP Laptop 16-n0797nr

Downward compatible with: 230W/200W/230W/150W

Lenovo ThinkPad R9000P ,9000K ,Y9000K ,Y9000X

Legion 5 Series
Legion 5 c-15ARH05H (82B1) 5-17ARH05H 5-15IMH05H (81Y6 82CF) 5-17IMH05H (81Y8) 5-15ACH6H 5-17ACH6H 5-15ITH6H 5-17ITH6H 5-15ITH6 5-17ITH6 5-15ACH6 5-17ACH6 5 -15ACH6A 5-15IMH6 5P-15IMH05 5P-15IMH05H (82AW) 5P-15ARH05H 5Pro-16ACH6H 5Pro-16ACH6 5Pro-16ITH6 5Pro-16ITH6H 5Pro-16IAH7

Legion 7 Series
Legion 7 C7-15IMH05 7-15IMH05 (81YT) 7-15IMHg05 (81YU) S7-15ARH5 S7-15IMH5 S7-15ACH6
Lenovo ThinkStation P340 (30DE 30DF 30DG 30DR 30DS)
Lenovo ThinkPad P70 P71 P72 P73 P50 P51 P53 P40 Y910 Workstation Dock 230W US
Lenovo Ideapad 700-15 Y50-70 P51S Y40-70
Lenovo M80q (11DN 11DQ 11DR 11DS 11EG) M90q (11CR 11DG 11DH 11DJ 11DK 11DL 11EY 11F0)
Lenovo IdeaPad Y900 Y900-17ISK
Lenovo Legion Y540 Y540-15IRH (81RJ 81SX) Y540-15IRH-PG0 (81SY) Y540-17IRH (81Q4)
Lenovo Legion Y545 Y545-PG0 (81T2)
Lenovo Legion Y740 Y740-17IRH (81UG) Y740-17IRHg (81UJ) Y740-15ICHg (81HE) Y740-17ICHg (81HH) Y740-15IRH (81UF) Y740-15IRHg (81UH)
Lenovo Legion Y7000P Y7000 Y7000-2019 (81NS), Y920 Y920-17IKB
Lenovo Yoga A940 A940-27ICB
Lenovo Y9000K Y520-15 G510 Y700-15 Y700-14 E700 Y70017 Y700 R720

Lenovo ThinkPad Legion Y700,Y720,Y7000,E700,E600,R720,Y900,Y920,W550,W540,W540P,W541,W540,W530,T550,Y520,Y50-70,Y530,Y700,Y7000P,R720,Y910,Y920,Y70-70,T440,T440P,P50,P51,P70,P71,
Ideapad Y700,Y720-15lKBZ710,700-15,720-15

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